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Lawn Fertilization Information Casper, Wyoming

Fertilizer is the key to healthy lawns and plants. We'll walk you through the basics.

Plants in Casper, Wyoming have it a little difficult! Living in the high mountain desert like we do, water can be scarce and the temperatures can be extreme. Your lawn and plants need food and nutrients to keep them healthy and strong and that's what fertilizer is... vital food and nutrients for your plants. When you fertilize you are essentially feeding your plants.

Tree Pruning Service Casper, Wyoming

Pruning your trees and shrubs is not only to keep them looking great. It's good for them too!

Great landscapes require work but the reward is worth it. Pruning extends the lifespan of trees, keeps them healthy and encourages growth. Local Lawn Care can help keep your residential or commercial properties looking the best with our tree and shrub pruning service.