We can help you plan a beautiful outdoor living space with outdoor lighting, pathways, plant beds, pavers, gardens patios and even water features!

Local Lawn Care can craft a custom landscaping design to turn your business or residential exterior space into a beautiful, maintainable and usable extension of the interior.

We can handle every aspect of your landscape design project from laying sod, to planting trees, to designing plant beds and water features. Our creative team can put together a design that will enhance your space and your life. We work with both residential and commercial clients. Bring us your budget and we can help you maximize it.


Nothing improves curb appeal like a green lawn and the fastest way to get there is with sod or turf. Our professional sod laying service includes everything you need including land preperation, sod pickup and delivery, layout and installation and post sod care. You may also want to consider one of our lawn care packages and sprinkler system installation to keep your investment well maintained.

Planting Trees & Shrubs

The addition of trees and shrubs to your property not only adds aesthetic beauty, it also can help define spaces and boundaries, provide shade and block wind, add camouflage or privacy, stabilize soil, or improve air quality and provide habitat for wildlife. Whatever your property goals are, we can identify solutions that will improve your space.

Water Features

Adding water features to your commercial space or home really brings that WOW factor. They are soothing and groups always tend to gather nearby to marvel at their natural appeal. We have experience custom designing water features that meld right into the landscape. We are happy to discuss water feature and foundation options and help you decide what will work best for your outdoor area.

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

Illuminate a garden path, add lights along steps or add a spotlight to light up your fountain at night. The smart and intuitive use of outdoor landscaping lights can add beauty and additional safety to your business or home. We have experience installing a variety of outdoor lighting including pathway lighting, spot lighting, fence lighting, deck lighting, accent lighting and string lighting. Contact us to request a quote.

Hardscapes, Pavers & Firepits

Color, texture, flow and ease of maitenance can all be achieved with the proper hardscaping. This is where can can create a truly unique feel for your outdoor space. The use of rocks, pavers, flagstones, boulders and outdoor firepits can create a space the is inviting and functional.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are important to prevent soil erosion and to keep your landscape stable. Retaining wall projects must be customized for your specific situation but options for retaining walls include using stone, concrete, timber, brick, rocks, and boulders. Your best bet is to request a consultation with one of our landscaping experts and we can help advice you what might be optimal for your space, goals and budget.

Plant and Flower Beds & Other Softscapes

Raised beds, flowerbeds and garden accentuate other landscaping features. These visually appealing spaces can be filled with annual, perennials or even fruits and vegetables. We can design beds that enhance your other landscaping features.